In the first 3 months the hotline existed, there were 51 domestic violence calls.  The numbers have dramatically increased throughout the years, along with our services.  The following are statistics for 2014.

2014 Domestic Violence Statistics

Clients 360
Children served 388
Hotline calls 1,726
Personal Contacts 589
Crisis Counseling 1,625
Information/Referral 2,137
Legal/Court Advocacy 163
Follow-up 1,886
Personal Advocacy 2,071
ER Advocacy 10
Transportation 14

2014 Sexual Assault Statistics

Clients 163
Secondary Victims 1,630
Hotline Calls 279
Personal Visits 196
Crisis Counseling 336
Information/Referral 447
Legal/Court Advocacy 146
Follow-up 303
Personal Advocacy 435
ER Advocacy 3
Transportation 8

2014 Primary Prevention Statistics

Presentations 524
Attendance 21,467


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