Direct Client Services

  • 24-Hour Hotline; Crisis Intervention/Counseling; Follow-up Contact; Safety Planning.
  • Assistance with Filing Protective Orders; Victim impact Statements; Victim Notification Rights; Address Confidentiality; Information and Assistance with Violent Crime Compensation Forms; and Safe Housing Options.
  • Access to Regional Shelters; Limited Emergency Transportation; Support Groups; and access to a Sexual Assault Response Team that includes an exam performed by a Sexual Assault Nurse Examiner (SANE).
  • Personal Advocacy; Law Enforcement Advocacy; Medical Advocacy; Legal/court Advocacy including support at hearings, interviews. Trials, information about the criminal justice process, and information regarding case and/or arrest status via the prosecutor.
  • Provide information/referral for Food; Rent Assistance; Back-to-School Supplies; Services to the Deaf; Emergency Translation Services; Pet Care Programs as appropriate.
  • Provide Client-Specific Handbook; 911 Phones; Personal Care Items; Household Supplies; and other Victim Assistance Services as needed.
  • All direct services provided to clients are confidential.

Educational Services

  • Batterer’s Intervention Program for Men and Domestic Abuse Intervention Program for Women who are violent.
  • Primary Prevention Practices – commitment to change the social conditions that tolerate or encourage domestic violence and sexual assault.
  • School Curriculum (age-specific) on topics including but not limited to: Anti-Bullying, Healthy Relationships, Teen Dating Violence, Child Abuse, Sexual Harassment, Technology Safety, Sexual Assault, Tolerance/Diversity, Predatory Drugs, Personal Safety, and Media Literacy.
  • Speakers/Resources available for Youth-Serving Organizations, Clubs, Faith Communities, Parents, and other community entities.
  • Professional Resources for Educators, Criminal Justice, Law Enforcement, Social Service Providers, Human Resource Personnel, Medical/Mental Health Providers, Colleges and other interested professionals.
  • Natural Helpers Peer-Helping Program Facilitation
  • Coaching Boys into Men Program